Aishar Delara

Archdruid of Cairn Morel


Aishar is a graceful 5’11" and a slim 120 lbs. All of her clothing and jewelry was at one time an animal that she was honored to call friend.


The Cairn stones, visible from the south gate of Genisys, have been there longer than even the founders of the city could remember. They are inscribed with runes telling tales of the vibrant beauty of the land that the druids of this grove have sworn to protect. They have constantly been at odds with the people of Genisys, whose expansion and pollution have been seen by most druids as an infestation or blight upon the natural beauty of this world. All of the expansion that Genisys has managed has required some form of either diplomacy or war with the druids of Cairn Morel.

Aishar will have held the rank of archdruid for precisely 30 years this summer solstice. She was given the title both for her devotion to Cairn Morel as well as the previous archdruid having been her soul bond at the time of his passing, the fourth such she had in her lifetime. Her first two were both elves she lost to war and her third was a short tryst with a human traveler who showed her much of what she knows outside the land she is responsible for. Currently, she calls the centaur chieftain Adrastos Nikon her soul bond, a title he earned during the Third Great War for his defense of the Cairn against the people of Genisys who sought to tear it down to create more war machines.

Although Aishar and the previous archdruid swore their vows to the grove at the same time some 120 years ago, Aishar was passed up for the position 70 years ago, due to being a “traitor” at the time, exploring lands outside her jurisdiction with her human soul bond. After his passing, she returned and was allowed back into the grove as a trusted adviser to her old friend, much to the chagrin of “more faithful” druids. With her wisdom of the lands past their borders, the archdruid was able to establish a good relationship with the city of Genisys. After his passing however, the people began to take advantage of the good will left behind in his wake. It wasn’t until their attempt to destroy the Cairn’s druids and their route at the hands of Adrastos that the people began to take Aishar seriously as an archdruid. While Genisys has done much to try and make amends since the war, attempting very little expansion into those territories protected by the druids, the aggression is still very recent and bitter memory in the minds of both the grove and the expansionist city.

Aishar Delara

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