Angeline Richelieu

The Fire from the Deep


Angeline measures 5’ 10" (with hat) and weighs 140 lbs. Her long red hair is usually kept in a bun underneath her hat so as to not obstruct her vision.


Angeline has always been a survivor. She lived through the traumatic birth that cost her mother her life. She survived the revolution that caused her father to give up his chevalier code and flee the country for the sake of his only family. She lived through the squalid conditions of the boat ride over and the comparably disgusting life her and her father found themselves in upon arriving in Genisys. She survived the training she received from her father in the way of the chevalier, her enlistment and subsequent commissioning into the forces of Gomorrah’s Navy, and, most impressively, she survived the Third Great War.

By the time the war began, Angeline was Captain of her own ship, the Gabrielle. She was one of the many captains tasked with defending Gomorrah’s western seaboard. She and her crew found themselves in conflict with Zeboan ships on an almost daily basis. They would rack up a sizable number of enemy ships sunk before finally coming to the battle that would earn Angeline her nickname.

During the Battle of Charred Driftwood, Gomorrah had nearly half the ships that Zeboim had brought to bare. One of the ships at the forefront was the Gabrielle. She sailed fearlessly into the maw of the enemy, sustaining heavy damage, managing to take down a few of the enemy ships in the process. As her ship began to sink, Angeline came up with a bold plan, one of the few times her fury has outstripped her restraint. She had the crew set a collision course with the nearest Zeboan ship. Upon making contact, she and her loyal sailors boarded the enemy vessel and slew anyone who opposed them, claiming the vessel and dubbing it the Gabrielle II. Unfortunately, this ship was now also sinking, as well as aflame, a significantly worse situation than she had just escaped. Deciding that the technique had worked so wondrously the first time, she set her crew about the task of repeating the maneuver. This time, the ship sank before it could make impact, although it got close enough for Angeline to lead her men into capturing what would become the Gabrielle III, which she would command until the Zeboan forces saw fit to retreat.

For her meritorious campaign, she was promoted to the position of Admiral after the War, with the ceremony taking place aboard her new ship, the Gabrielle IV. She is well loved by her crew, although she rarely gets to make actual appearances near any seafaring war vessel nowadays. In this time of peace, she finds herself spending most of her time rubbing elbows with politicians and nobility, an infuriating lifestyle for one who has spent so much time devoted to fighting. Despite growing up in poverty, she was raised to conduct herself with such nobility that she is able to serve as a worthwhile figurehead for the Navy, although a small part of her secretly hopes that another conflict will start soon so that she may resume doing what she is good at.

Angeline Richelieu

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