Bara Tand

Savage Bar Room Pugilist


Bara is a tall, well built man measuring 6’ 1" and weighing 215 lbs. His should length brown hair usually has at least a light coat of blood and has been known to be missing some patches after especially notable skirmishes.


Bara, being both the youngest and smallest of 5 kids, is no stranger to a fight, be it a “friendly” wrasslin’ match or an underhanded back alley ambush. After systematically destroying every weapon handed to him as a youth, his tribe elder punished him by sending him to punch a tree in the woods until he chose to stop himself. Come next sunrise, Bara sat triumphantly upon the stump of the felled tree, his knuckles a mangled, bloody wreck. Henceforth, he was allowed to fight without a weapon in all future sparring matches.

After sneaking out one night with some of the younger tribe members, Bara acquired a taste for mead. Not understanding the concept of “currency” or “paying for your drink,” he found himself the instigator of a tavern-wide tussle. Amidst the chaos of thrown punches and tankards, Bara found a joy he had never found in any other fight before. He would eventually be forced to make reparations to the tavern owners, but to him the knowledge and excitement he gained that night was well worth it.

When not helping the tribe to defend their lands or hunt for food, Bara continues his pastime of travelling to bars, taverns, inns, or wherever a good fight is promised. He has learned a bit of restraint and tries to minimize property damage in any fight he regards as friendly (not to the death). He’s even been known to buy a loser a drink for putting up an especially good tussle. In the rare instance of him finding himself in a fight with those he knows mean him true ill will, Bara has been known to attain heights of savagery and mindless aggression not often seen in civilized lands. Luckily, he regards any weapon requiring less than both hands to still be “a handicap for that poor bastard.”

Bara Tand

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