Beatrice "Queen Bee" Benefice

Rich Bitch


Beatrice is a dainty halfling at an even 3 feet and 42 pounds. Her hair style and attire change with her mood, sometimes not changing for weeks, other times requiring multiple wardrobe shifts in a day.


Beatrice grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Genisys. Survival for her and her family meant that none of them got to keep their hands clean. She went from single child to orphan when both her parents were killed in the same week, her father in a knife fight over a card game and her mother drowned in the canals due to being a picky prostitute. After that, she had nobody left that she could rely on.

Distraught and jaded after the death of her family, she stopped taking shit from anyone and started stealing as much of their shit as she could. She quickly found herself the leader of a gang of juvenile delinquents. With her at the helm, they became one of the more successful street gangs. By the time she had come of age, she was already in control of a vast network of thieves and criminals whose influence had even begun to spread outside the city. In an effort to minimize fighting and competition, she signed an agreement with the heads of the other eleven most powerful gangs in the city, leading to the creation of the Dark Dozen.

Now in control of the kind of fortune she had never dreamed of as a child, she spends much of it distancing herself from the life she grew up with. Fancy clothes, attending/throwing social gatherings, even went to charm school to clean up her language. Despite many people’s perceptions being that she has gone soft or looks/acts too nice to actually be a criminal, Beatrice is selfish to the core. Even her closest allies are just little drones whose job is to work tirelessly to expand her empire and fortune, hence her nickname “Queen Bee.” Unfortunately, a newcomer to town has begun to disrupt her hive and just might find themselves getting stung for their troubles.

Beatrice "Queen Bee" Benefice

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