Blood Scale

Crafty Kobold


Blood Scale is large for a kobold, standing at 4’ even and weighing 45 lbs. Named as much for the coloration of his skin as well as his tendency to splash around in the gore of his prey.


Blood Scale is the name of an unusually vicious and clever kobold reported to be responsible for the attacks and even cave ins at various mines throughout Gomorrah. It is unknown what his name may actually be, given the relatively few number of people capable of speaking the Draconic tongue or the even smaller number of people who have survived an encounter with him. Other than his distinctive scale pattern, most accounts include him wearing a scarf/headband believed to have been dyed in the blood of his many victims and killing miners using their own pickaxes. Very few people have managed to escape a mine invasion lead by him, although a small handful claim to have been allowed by him to live, possibly to spread the tales of his bloodshed.

The first attack attributed to him happened in the Noose Mountain Range south of Genisys over a decade and a half ago. Many of the slave dwarves who were extracting Black Iron were lost in a cave in. One of the few who managed to escape claimed seeing a “blood red creature that looked like a small dragon breaking through the back of the tunnel and immediately setting upon the workers as others like him poured out and begin setting fire to the supports.”

Since his first appearance, over a dozen attacks every year are prescribed to Blood Scale. Many mining authorities believe him merely a legend and just an easy target to pin unfortunate accidents on. It is unknown what his motives may be or who, if anyone, may be commanding him. A sizable bounty is being offered by the Miner’s Guild for his execution, with a body needed as proof of kill. Several prominent wizard colleges have offered up a reward for a live capture, as they would like to study what has made him exceptionally large, skilled, and merciless. So far, no attempts to capture or kill him have proved successful, with several cases resulting in the deaths of intrepid adventurers.

Blood Scale

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