Misunderstood Fungus


Stands at a lumbering 10’ 6" and weighing 285 lbs. A purple cap adorns/is his head(neck/stalk?). Fond of wearing a simple straw hat on top, with an exquisitely well crafted burlap backpack over his shoulders.


Myconids are becoming an increasingly common sight, used by druids as a form of sentry for groves wherever mushrooms grow (read: everywhere). Most are fairly mindless and spend a majority of their time avoiding direct sunlight, not wandering very far from the patch that they were awakened from. In extremely rare instances, they develop enough intelligence to become capable of speech, or even getting over their disliking of the sun. Even rarer are the accounts of Myconids developing actual personalities and being prone to wanderlust, which is to say that there is only a single recorded account, Boletus.

Boletus, despite his large stature and original intended purpose, does not have a taste for violence. He is something of a daydreamer and spends much of his time wandering to new locations, usually staring at the horizon and contemplating what may be beyond it. Curiously enough, despite most of his appearances being within a few hundred square miles of Gomorrah, Boletus is of a species of mushroom not even native to this continent. How such a creature would have made the trek all the way here without the use of a ship, since no sane captain would ever let something like that on board, continues to baffle academics. Additionally, despite being a normally poisonous variant of fungus, Boletus claims to be sterile and says that his lack of spore producing functions is what allows him to interact with people without harming them.

While not having intelligence on par with a normal meta-human, Boletus has shown a natural talent for cartography and, strangely enough, commerce. In his wanderings, he has come across many items which he has managed to trade with adventurers willing enough to approach him diplomatically. A few enterprising adventurers have attempted to mug or even kill Boletus, although all attempts seem to have been met with failure. Despite his lack of interest in fighting, the reason for his creation still makes him perfectly capable of defending himself. To add to the number of curiosities surrounding him, more than one party that has encountered Boletus claims to have been able to detect a magical tattoo on the back of his right palm, indicating that at least one trade house has sought fit to actually allow outright trade deals with the Myconid. What he ever has on hand and what it’ll take to separate him from his goods is an ever changing experience, with some people claiming to have practically stolen magical weapons from him, while several weary travelers have recounted tales of being outrageously gouged for rations they desperately needed.


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