Diesa Torunn

Blacksmith in Genisys


Diesa stands at 4’3’’ and weighs in at 138 pounds, quite small for a Mountain Dwarf. She wears her fiery red hair knotted in a braid.


Diesa Torunn is a Mountain Dwarf from the Noose Mountain Range just south of Genisys. When she was young, her parents were kept as servants in the mines to tirelessly extract the Black Iron that Gomorrah so relentlessly calls for. The mine owner beat her parents so much that they could barely cook her meals when they got home. When she came of age and was forced to work in the mines, her hatred of tyrants only grew.

After her parents died in an unfortunate cave in, Diesa escaped the mines and fled. Luckily, the dwarves in the mines were not branded, so she was unidentifiable as an escaped slave. She ran to Genisys, where she apprenticed under a blacksmith. After 15 years of tutelage, she opened her own shop and began refining her techniques. She soon gained fame for her intensely meticulous work. No piece she has ever made has been returned due to failure.

Diesa Torunn

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