Hannah Maleficus

Magi from Another Era


Hannah stands at 5’8" and weighing 135 lbs. She has many arcane glyphs tattooed into her skin, most no longer used by modern wizards.


The wizard calling herself Hannah Maleficus has never stayed in one place long enough for anyone to get a solid story on her. Through a collection of various unrelated sources, a picture of this woman can begun to be painted. Several tomes in the Genisys Arcane Library have her listed as a magi of some renown from a country that was lost in the First Great War. Accounts of her magical prowess range from being capable of teleporting to any person’s shadow to her pulling the moon down from the sky, so it is unknown what exactly her specialty may have been/is.

A bard from Zeboim has a song titled “The Saucy Magi” that contains a few lines that may account for her appearance in our time. " For her crimes she was turned to stone, left to repent alone… Returned to flesh by a curious wizard, her homeland buried under a blizzard…" The legitimacy of the bard’s tale is called into question given that most of the song has to do with his attempts to bed this wielder of the arcane.

Students at several different magical colleges have claimed to have been approached by her and offered trades for various bits of magical lore or power. Very few have been able to produce any evidence that they have gained any magic item of actual antiquity versus knockoffs attributed to imposters attempting to cash in on an urban legend. The handful of ancient scrolls that have turned up are written in the language of a dead society, the very same believed to be Hannah’s birthplace. Those who came into possession of these artifacts have no memory of what exactly they traded in exchange for these ancient writings. Hannah is wanted for questioning by several different circles to confirm/deny the rumors of her origins, as well as what her goals may be, although many believe her simply a folklore invented by bored apprentice wizards.

Hannah Maleficus

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