Mandy Morrigan

Evoker Prodigy (In Training)


Mandy stands at 5’4" and weighs 115 lbs, although she’s sure she’s still got at least one more growth spurt due to her. She will frequently change the appearance of her hair, eyes, and clothes through the use of magic. Despite this rather fickle use of magic, she refuses to physically alter herself in any way, claiming to have too good a body image to be THAT trivial with her magic.


Mandy grew up a fairly normal girl. She went to school, helped her parents at the bakery, and had a fascination with travel and adventure. She loved reading the books and hearing the tales of the daring adventurers who would set out on grand adventures, defeating monsters and righting wrongs. This lead to a great deal of excitement for her when she discovered that she could begin to manifest her imagination through sheer force of will. Her parents, knowing what would happen if anyone was to learn of their daughter’s talent, made her swear to never use her powers in public.

This promise lasted about a week when a bully at school made Mandy so mad she wished him on fire so hard that it actually happened. He was quickly extinguished, suffering only mild burns, however her secret was out. The men in the fancy robes showed up to her house within the week and told her they were gonna take her to a place where she could learn to fully utilize her magic. It was like a dream come true to her, so why were her parents crying? She promised her parents that everything would be okay and that she would return a full fledged wizard and that they would be so proud of her. This cheered them up enough to let her go with their blessing.

Mandy, showing both an innate understanding of the workings of magic and a knack for proper pronunciation of the more exotic chants, was able to complete her basic wizard schooling in only 4 years. At the age of 16, this made her the youngest wizard to ever be up for certification as field mage. Nobody had ever made progress in such a short period of time, nor attained this rank still having time left on their sentence. Given her aptitude, the council elected to grant her a probationary certification lasting 3 years, until the end of her forced service. In the six months that she has begun undertaking assignments for the council, she has maintained a high record of completion with very minimal collateral damage, given her chosen field of study. Most incidents of her losing her temper involved individuals questioning her abilities based on her height, age, or gender.

Mandy Morrigan

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