Naro Nemaha

Ex-Zeboan Candidate for PM. Currently in Second Place.


Naro Nemaha stands at six feet and weighs just under 250 lbs. He has deep dark skin and graying hair. He is 57 years old and has no family.


Naro Nemaha was previously a citizen of Zeboam, but with the raid of his village during the Third Great War, he was drafted into the Gomorran army and forced to fight his own people. After the War, he had little to his name after settling in Genisys. With no family and no money, he began working in a small machinery shop. From there, he gathered enough money to begin research into how to create electricity.

After he had gathered enough of an education to have a prototype in mind, Naro partnered with his boss and close friend to create the Mana Steam System, utilizing magic users to create an infinite amount of steam power.

After his friend died, he took over the company and re-branded it as Nemaha Power. Between his use of a magical workforce, as well as the circumstances surrounding his partner’s death, Naro is viewed in a negative light among many of his competitors. Some speculate that this is simply jealousy, as they are unable to compete with him due to the specifics of his power producing technique being a well guarded secret. Other than these rumors, he is well reputed for running a clean business. He has been the sole owner of Nemaha Power for two years, though the company has been been in business under the previous name of Genisys Dynamics for 15 before the rebranding.

Naro Nemaha

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