Novio "Ocho Muerte" Valentine

Hot Blooded Wandering Minstrel


Known to change his appearance through magic, usually preferring a dark skinned, black haired male between 5’8" and 6’2" and weighing between 170 and 200 lbs.


Little is known, or at least verifiable, about the man who identifies himself as “The Eight Deaths.” Even the name Novio Valentine might be an alias, albeit the one he is most prone to giving. His own ballads have his travels spanning at least four continents and as far back as sometime during the last Great War. He approaches both serenading women and dueling men with the same fiery passion, although he has been rumored to have done both with either sex or even the same person in rare instances. For his opponents, he vows a glorious death. For his paramours, he promises a “petite muerte.” When asked what exactly the other six deaths are, he claims secrets of the trade.

Novio "Ocho Muerte" Valentine

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