Samuel Eddenton

Mayor of Oreastrum, Running for Prime Minister, Currently the Favored to Win


Samuel is a 52 year old 5’11’’ human, weighing 195 pounds. He has no heirs and a wife. He is currently the mayor of Oreastrum and is running for Prime Minister of Gomorrah.


Samuel Eddenton came into power just under a decade ago when he walked in from having retired as a Naval officer for Gomorrah. Tired with the military lifestyle, but still craving the power of command, he ran for office as mayor of Oreastrum. There was no established government at the time, leading to him winning by default.

Since he took office, Oreastrum’s profits have increased tenfold and an overwhelming majority of the citizens adore his mayor-ship. Samuel Eddenton has many contacts all over Gomorrah and even some in foreign countries. He has strong ties to several of the mayors on the western end of Gomorrah, where a majority of his exports get smelted into usable ingots by Genisys. His current campaign to run for Prime Minister seems out of reach to the citizens of Oreastrum, but they know little of the reach of their mayor..

Samuel Eddenton

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