Satoshi Oda

Spirit Given Form


Satoshi is a tall, thin man measuring 6’1" and weighing 160 lbs. He has short brown hair with eyes that match. When he channels his ki, he grows an extra pair of ethereal arms, has a faintly visible aura, and his eyes change color, all manifestations pale blue in color.


Satoshi and family came to Gomorrah when he was only two. They left their home country when revolution and civil war began to loom on the horizon. They settled in with many other immigrants looking to have a fresh start in this new land of opportunity. There were eight people across three generations living in the tiny house they were able to buy, Satoshi and his four siblings, his parents, and his grandmother (on his mother’s side). Everyone had to do their part to make ends meet in the household. Satoshi learned much about responsibility from his home life and applied it to his school work, earning high marks in his classes.

Unfortunately, responsibility does little for one’s popularity as a child. Between being a foreigner, scrawny, and bookish, Satoshi was picked on a lot at school. Despite the repeated beatings, Satoshi never fought back, claiming to not want to risk getting in trouble for fighting, but was deep down ashamed at his own weakness. Between the unkindness leveled at the family as well as the makings of the Third Great War starting to brew, Satoshi and family wound up moving back to their home country, the political situation having calmed down immensely since their departure.

Having been raised so far away from this place that was supposed to be his home, Satoshi was treated like a foreigner here as well. He would again find himself at the mercy of bullies, unwilling to raise a fist to protect himself. One day, running from a set of pursuers, he sought refuge in a temple not far from his school. It was there that he ran into a monk who called himself Eternal Flowing River. Hearing about Satoshi’s troubles and his frustrations at not being strong enough to fight back, River decided to help the young man. He could see resolve in the young child’s eyes and set out to teach him how to fight as he did, his every motion swift and carrying purpose.

Satoshi was a fervent student and practiced every day with River, suffering the verbal abuse of his peers claiming that he would never achieve mastery of the martial arts. His dedication was repaid one day when he was able to attain a state of clarity and focus and manifest his ki into an additional pair of arms. It was on this day that River game him a new name, Spirit Given Form. After learning how to reliably reproduce this technique, he was able to defend himself against all further assaults made against him by his tormentors, until there were none left who dared to test his mettle. Having bested all who opposed him in this land, Satoshi decided to return to Gomorrah on a journey to prove that he had mastered his fear of conflict and would prove his will and might, no longer cowed by threats of violence or war.

Satoshi Oda

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