Anastasia Faust

Speaker for the Dead


Anastasia stands 5’9" and weighs 135 lbs. There is an unearthly beauty about her gray-blue hair and eyes.


Anastasia always was a curious youth. She spent much of her time exploring places she had no reason to be, like jails or hospitals, although cemeteries were her favorite. She said that she could hear them the loudest there. It was unfortunate, her finding the grave robbers that night. In a moment of panic, one of them brandished a knife and plunged it into her heart. As the sound of the two men arguing began to fade from her ears, she could hear an eery chatter, like a thousand skulls laughing in unison. And then all of a sudden, silence, save for a single voice. “My, my, you are way ahead of schedule. This is a thorny situation. I have an idea how to solve this. I have the deal of a lifetime for you.”

Anastasia awoke in a shallow grave, a cold sweat on her brow. She looked down at her left arm. 2 notches now. Her pact had given her the powers to avenge her own death, but in the process, she seemed to have died again. It had been some years since the deal was brokered, the waifish teen thought. As she stood up, collecting her thoughts, she saw him, a paladin clad in his gleaming armor. “Witch!” he exclaimed. “Now that’s just rude,” she retorted, loosing a bolt of green energy at him. “I’ll put you down for your sorcery!” he screamed as he brandished his sword. “Now that’s a more correct term,” she giggled. With blinding speed, she had the sensation of falling as her head toppled to the ground and she watched her own body slump over.

This time she awoke on a mortuary slab. Five notches now. What had she been up to and when had she grown into a woman? And why was it getting harder to remember the in betweens? It mattered little, as the familiar voices began whispering in Anastasia’s ear, directing her towards her belongings. They began informing her of what her purpose this time was. It seemed she had died of some plague on the crossing to this new world. There was a man to the east who had recently disturbed their rest. It wouldn’t be long before he tried it again. They wanted to be left in peace, the same as they had always wanted. She wondered how long it would be before she would get the kind of slumber they demanded. She decided it best not to linger on the thought. This was her life now, telling dead men’s tales and sometimes giving them the endings they felt they deserved. She stretched the weakness from her tired bones, gathered her things, and set out on her newest task.

Anastasia Faust

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