Anton Medeiros

Spice Baron


Anton is a rather portly man, standing only 5’6" and weighing 210 lbs. His lustrous black mustache and hair are given an equal amount of love and grease every morning.


Anton was very meager as a child. He wasn’t particularly strong or handsome, but he did have a head for numbers. He spent much of his time scheming up ways to try and get more allowance out of his parents or peers. By the time he was a man, he was already working a successful job buying and selling various goods from one merchant to the next. He made no goods and provided no services, save for putting people with goods or services to offer in connection with each other and collecting a small finder’s fee for his work.

After several years accruing wealth, Anton began to contemplate how to expand his empire. He decided it was time to begin moving goods overseas. He bought a few trading ships and, through some less than legal connections, acquired the rights to a few spice mines. Through cunning business tactics (and artful application of sabotage), he was able to corner the market on maritime spice trading. Effectively having a monopoly, his profits soared.

During the Third Great War, Gomorrah was in desperate need of supplies and Zeboim was doing a rather good job of blockading any ships bringing any good into or out of the country. Through a few well placed bribes, Anton, an “unbiased third party,” was able to sneak privateers into and out of the blockade and sell the much needed supplies at an immense upcharge. Despite costing the Gomorran government a fortune, his supplies proved instrumental in allowing the country to avoid going under. His “wartime humanitarianism” earned him a lifetime seat on the Counsel of Commerce at the conclusion of the war. He now resides in Genisys, collecting dividends from his various investments and spending a fair bit of coin on just about any leisure a man could ask for.

Anton Medeiros

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