Victor Alhazred

Conduit to the Stars


Victor is a tall man, standing at an impressive 6’2" and weighing in at 185 lbs. While his greying hair and beard give him an air of mystery, the tendency of his shadow to move of its own volition quickly changes the mood to one of terror.


Victor was astounded by the stars as a youth. There were just so many of them. He often wondered if there were other beings out there, other worlds than the one he inhabited. He had heard of powerful wizards having the ability to travel through other planes. He wondered if these planes were simply other planets that they hadn’t realized existed in tandem with his own world. Victor’s parents often worried that he thought about all kinds of things that kids his age never even bothered to contemplate. It probably had something to do with his imaginary friend.

Victor had met Squiddles one night stargazing. He had been staring up into the cosmos when he was sure that one of them had moved. It was definitely getting closer. It was no longer travelling directly at him, but streaking across the night sky. It illuminated into a bright ball of flame as it got close, until it hit the ground on the other side of the hill that Victor was laying on. It made curiously little noise or impact for such a massive object. Victor poked at the green rock with a stick. It opened its eyes and began to reach out its feelers. It looked like a squid, although Victor was sure squids didn’t come from space. There was a voice inside his mind. He couldn’t quite pronounce the name it introduced itself as, so he settled on Squiddles as a good nickname. The next day, Squiddles was gone and nobody had any recollection of a shooting star the night prior. Victor’s parents beamed at what a bright imagination their son had.

That night was over a decade past, so why was Victor thinking about it now? It probably had something to do with the way that the bright green star was flashing in the distance. This was so stupid, why was he out this late, following a star on a whim? And yet he couldn’t stop himself from slowly marching in the direction of the ghastly green glow. Eventually, he came across an old run down house. He was sure that he had seen it before. Of course, this was the house that he had grown up in. But didn’t it burn down six years ago? Stepping into what had been his father’s study, Victor found a book bound in leather that he recognized as not being from a cow. He couldn’t make out the sigils on the cover. Opening the book, Victor found a simple message scrawled on the first page in the same indecipherable runes, which were slowly becoming legible to his quickly expanding mind.

I think it’s about time we met again, don’t you think?

Victor Alhazred

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